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Medium Back Managerial Swivel Tilt Chair

Model#   PE-211-Q22-TE
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Medium back managerial single user swivel tilt task chair with T-style adjustable arms. With quick set back height and infinite locking back angle. 360 degree swivel and pneumatic seat height adjustment. T-style height adjustable arm, 2" extendable slide with gel comfort pad.

Dimensions: 24 1/2"Wx24 1/2"Dx34 3/4"H

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  • 360 Degree Swivel
  • Infinite Locking Back Angle
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • Quick Set Back Height
  • TE - T-Style Arm, 2" extender slide, gel comfort pad, height adjustable
  • ASD - Adjustable Seat Depth-2.5" Travel-1.25" Forward, 1.25" Backward
  • Q35 Back Angle Adjustment--allows you to change the back angle on the Q25 and Q35 synchro mechanisms
  • BN - Black Ballistic Nylon - Upholstered outer back protects against wear in intensive environments
  • CAB - 5 Leg Cast Aluminum Base - Black Finish
  • CAC - 5 Leg Cast Aluminum Base - Chrome Finish
  • CAL 133 - Flame Guard-Chair made to conform to CAL 133 spec.
  • CP - Chrome Package--includes CAC base and TF arms with chrome accents
  • CYLM - Memory Return Cylinder--ideal for conference room applications. 19"-23.25" cylinder height. Automatically rotates chair to center position and raises to full height when left unattended.
  • CYLS - Short Cylinder--15.75"-18.50 "cylinder heights
  • CYLT - Tall Cylinder--19"-23.25" cylinder heights
  • ESD - Electro Static Discharge-Static conductive upholstery-limited vinyl and fabric choices.
  • FCB - Fixed Column Jury Base-includes black molded cover to conceal mounting hardware.
  • GLIDES - 2-1/2" Carpet/Hard Floor Glides
  • HRA - 2-Way Adjustable Headrest-vertical range of 2-3/8" and horizontal range of 2", adds 12" to back height.
  • HRF - Fixed Head Rest-Provides neck support for recline positions, adds 12" to back height.
  • SBS - Schukra Back Saver-Mechanical adjustable lumbar support. Not available on Contour II, Grid or Jay models.
  • SE - Small Edition--19.5" wide seat replaces the standard 21" wide seat. Also creates a reduced cavity in the molded seat to fully support smaller users. Available on 275 task and stool models only.
  • STW - Soft Twin Wheel Casters--for use on hard floors
  • SWB - Soft Twin Wheel Braking Casters--Brakes steady chair as user sits-for use on hard floors
  • TBH - Tall Back Height-Adds 5" to standard back height. Tall (CYLT) cylinder available upon request at no charge. Available on high back task models only. Not available on Contour II or Grid models. Add 1/2 yard for C.O.M.
  • TLCB - Energy Absorbing TLC Memory Foam Back-5.2 lb. high density foam replaces standard back foam.
  • TLCM - Energy Absorbing TLC Memory Foam Seat-5.2 lb. TLC memory foam seat replaces molded foam seat.
  • TSD - Tall Seat Depth--For users over 6'5". Adds 2.5" to standard task seat depths. Tall (CYLT) cylinder included. Add 1/2 yard for COM.
  • VBE - Vinyl Back Edge--clear vinyl edging protects back upholstery from impact damage
  • WB - Wood Base-Cherry, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Mahogany or Walnut finish
  • WS - Wide Seat--changes existing seat width to 24" wide seat

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  • BW - Black solid wire, molded urethane arm, fixed height. Fits WAB. Field installable.
  • CS - C-style, urethane arm. Fits WAB. Field installable.
  • CUA - Upholstered, adjustable height (3" range), width adjustable (2" range), contemporary arm.
  • CUF - Upholstered, fixed height, width adjustable (2" range), contemporary arm.
  • LC - Closed loop urethane arm. Button activated. 2-3/4" range. Fits WAB. Field installable.
  • TA - T-style arm, angled, height and width adjustable with urethane pad. Button activated. 3" range.
  • TC - T-Style arm, urethane pad, height adjustable. Button activated. 2-1/8" range. Fits WAB. Field installable.
  • TF - T-Style Arm, 4 way adjustable, 360 degree rotating urethane pad, 2" extendable slide. Button activated.
  • TL - T-style arm with urethane pad, for lower arm heights, height adjustable. Button activated. 2-3/4" range. Fits WAB. Field installable.
  • TS - T-style arm with urethane pad and swing back (75 degree) height adjustable. Dial activated. 2-1/4" range. Fits WAB. Field installable.
  • TUA - Upholstered, adjustable height (3" range), width adjustable (2" range), traditional arm.
  • TUF - Upholstered, fixed height, width adjustable (2" range), traditional arm.
  • WAB - Width Adjustment Brackets (standard on CUA, CUF, TUA, TUF, TF & TA arms)--Allows each arm to adjust horizontally 2"
  • G - Gel Pad Upgrade-Premium comfort and support with increased durability. (Available on all T-style arms, standard on TE & TH arms).
  • CNP - Cordura Nylon Arm Pad- Virtually indestructible arm pad that resists abrasions, fading, discoloring, staining and tearing. Easy to clean.

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