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What if we need help with layouts / design?

Design / layouts are provided free of charge.

The majority we can do via e-mail or facsimile and have done this way for most of our customers...virtually all over the world at various installations.  On most simple room designs, we can normally send you back a typical layout within an hour....sometimes while you are still on the phone.  

What we need from you is...

1)  A list of items you would like in each area.  

2)  Overall room dimensions, locations of windows, doors and columns...or anything else that may affect furniture placement.  You can send this to us via e-mail, phone or facsimile.  Hand drawn is fine, we will refine on our CAD system here.  If you have the rooms already drawn on Auto CAD, please forward the .dwg file for the area to speed things up.

Upon completion we will send you back an initial layout for review and note any potential problems. Once we have your layout on our CAD program here, it is very easy to adjust quickly.



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Special Sizes and Custom Units

About 10-25% of all our orders contain some sort of customized units, from height adjustable L-workstations, hide-away keyboards or modified dimensions to meet a small room situation.  

Please contact us with your requirements and we will discuss the options...many of which you may not be aware of.  Pricing for the modifications are project specific, dependent upon the amount of modifications required.

If needed, we will provide a 2D and 3D visual drawing of the customized unit to assist you in visualizing the design modifications.


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How do I determine whether I need a left or right handed desk or credenza?

Envision yourself facing the unit sitting on the user side only.  If you would like the pedestal (what we call the set of drawers or storage cabinet) on the right hand (users) side, then this would be a right hand (pedestal) desk or unit.  If you would like this on the left side, then you would need a left pedestal desk or unit.

If you are making L-workstations, a right hand desk would connect with a left hand (again envision you are on the user side) return. And a left hand desk would connect with a right hand return.  Basically meaning you need opposite handed connecting units

If you are making a full U-group consisting of a desk, bridge and credenza...

...if you are sitting in the middle of the U-group facing forward and you would like the connecting bridge on your right, you would need a left hand (pedestal) desk, bridge (these are generally non-handed) and a right hand (pedestal) credenza. 

 ...simililarily, if you are sitting in the middle of the U-group facing forward and you would like the connecting bridge on your left, you would need a right hand (pedestal) desk, a bridge (these are generally non-handed) and a left hand (pedestal) credenza. 

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How do I determine the price for a special finish?

Contact customer service at (301)-622-9584.  Generally the up charge is 10% of the unit price.  **Please note that we may already have other manufacturers finishes on record and there may not be a need for an up charge. 

A digital image if available would be the start to make sure the application will be suited to what you are trying to do...match species of woods for example.  Once we have that we can determine if a special finish up charge is required and will provide a formal quotation.  Once the item or items have been ordered, we will request that you forward us a finish sample for "finish match for approval"...meaning we will match as closely as possible your sample and send you back a new representative piece for sign-off.  If "tweaking" is required at that time, we will repeat the process.  Production of the unit (s) will not commence until a formal sign-off by you on the finish match.

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Can I use another fabric or leather on my selection of a seating item?


The fabric selections shown are really a small part of what you have available to select from.  Many "alternative" fabrics may already have graded in pricing available, so let customer service know what the fabric mill and pattern name are and we may more than likely be able to provide you "graded in" pricing for your selection.

If we cannot provide directly, please provide the horizontal and vertical repeat on the fabric and we will provide you with the yardage required for the particular frame along with a COM (Customer's Own Material) or COL (Customer's Own Leather) pricing for the item.  Once the order has been placed, we will provide you "Mark For" info and shipping information for the fabric.

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Do the units come assembled?

All units (generally) come fully assembled in the carton.  Minor assembly (only) is required for connecting units (L-workstations...desk and return or U-groups...desk, bridge and credenza as examples) along with conference / office tables (which are shipped "knocked down"...bases are not assembled to the tops to minimize freight damage).  A small hand held electric screwdriver and small hand tools are generally the most that you would need (dependent upon the unit).

All units are provided with instructions for leveling, etc.

Should you need full "installation" services, we have a nationwide system of local installers.  Please contact customer service at (301)-622-9584 for pricing.

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Is freight included in the price of the unit?

On all casegoods (desks, bookcases, table, etc.) orders over $1,500.00 Net, the answer is yes.  For orders under that amount you will be charged a freight minimum based upon the items and the location the items are potentially going to.  We will also make suggestions on how to possibly minimize this charge where possible.

On seating items, we are offering 3 separate GSA contracts, each with their own freight minimum parameters.  As a general rule once your order is over 5 pieces, freight is free, but please contact customer service for confirmation.  If there are freight minimums, they will be noted on your quotation as a separate line item.

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What does FOB destination mean?

FOB destination stands for "Free On Board" to the destination...meaning the price of shipping the item(s) to the dock via standard shipping methods such as tractor trailer, etc. are included in the price of the unit. You will see this term noted on the bottom of your quote along with any specific requirements on the delivery.

Additional charges to the customer may be incurred should such things as a non-dock delivery, city size truck requirements, ceiling height restrictions, after hour deliveries, etc.. be required.  These are all additional charges incurred by the freight carriers, which are passed directly on to the customer.

We try to minimize these and make suggestions, so please call if you have questions or if any of the constraints noted above may apply.  We want your delivery to go perfectly without any surprises on the day of receipt.

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Do I need drop shipment, inside delivery or full installation?

Drop shipment...delivery of the items to the dock of your building only...at which time you take possession of the units.  If the items are small or you have people in your building that normally relocate furniture items, this would be the least expensive and best option.  On most orders this is included in the price of the items and is not an additional charge.  Most of our units come fully assembled, requiring only uncartoning and the removal of debris.  

Please note that you take possession of the unit at the dock still in the carton.  Please inspect the carton exterior for any damage and note any discrepancies in writing with the driver (on his delivery acceptance slip) immediately.  We request that you copy us immediately as well, so we may make corrective actions if needed. Please call if you have any problems while the delivery person is still there so we can assist and make a determination on the best corrective action for you.

Inside delivery...an additional charge for delivery of the unit from the dock to a room somewhere within your location (no stairs or step carry involved) - still in the original packing material.  For small pieces in locations without personnel to carry the unit from the dock to your office, this would be the least expensive option.

Please note that you take possession of the unit still in the carton.  Inspect the carton exterior for any damage and note any discrepancies in writing with the driver immediately if this happens.  We request that you copy us immediately as well, so we may make corrective actions as needed.  Please call if you have any problems while the delivery person is still there so we can assist and make a determination on the best corrective action for you.

Full Installation...when our installation crew leaves, your items will be fully installed, properly leveled and all packing materials will be removed from the area.  

We utilize local installers that have been already screened for "competency" with the installation of our product.  In order to provide a proper price quotation for these services, we will need the following info...

1)  Full listing of all the items you are requesting, including quantities.

2)  Do you have a dock at the site?

3)  Are there any special requirements such as after hour (5PM) deliveries or weekends?

4)  Are any stairs or steps required to complete the delivery?  Please note that all standard pieces     should fit in standard elevators...but it is up to you to inform us otherwise.

5)  Security requirements.  All of our installers will be able to pass standard security clearance requirements.  If you need additional, please let us know prior to the installation.

6)  Insurance requirements.  Both EFWDC and our installation companies are fully insured with standard coverage.  Should your building require additional, please let us know prior so we can properly arrange.  There may be additional charges for non-standard coverage or excess liability coverage.

We will provide you an installation quotation within 24 hours, in most cases at the same time as the item quote (as we have more than likely already done similar for someone else recently in your area).  

Again, not all items require installation and we will suggest otherwise if we feel that it is not required based upon your individual circumstance.  If you currently utilize an installer you like, we can drop ship directly to them and you can handle the final delivery.  Please note if you are using you own installer, any damages to the cartons and enclosed items must be noted by your installer at time of delivery to his/her location.  No freight damage claims can be made without a notation on the carrier's delivery receipt and under no circumstances can we honor damage claims once the items have been moved from the installer's location. 


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How do I obtain a formal quotation?

Call (301-622-9584), e-mail (efwdc@efwdc.com) or fax (301-622-7729) a request to customer service and we will both review your request for accuracy (matching left and right units as example) and provide a formal quote back to you via the same method or as requested.  Phone quotes will be provided immediately and e-mail or facsimile requests NLT 24 hours...but most within the same hour.

If you need an expedited quote, please inform us of that up front and we will do everything in our power to make that happen.

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How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed...

Verbally (301-622-9584) - Credit card.  A formal order acknowledgment will be sent back to you for verification via e-mail or facsimile.

Facsimile (301-622-7729) - Credit Card or Purchase order, BPA call or other.  Your order will be reviewed for accuracy and any missing information or questions will be addressed via phone or facsimile. Upon acceptance, a formal order acknowledgment will be sent back to you for verification via facsimile.

E-mail (efwdc@efwdc.com) - Credit Card, Purchase Order, BPA call or other.  Your order will be reviewed for accuracy and any missing information or questions will be addressed via phone or e-mail. Upon acceptance, a formal order acknowledgment will be sent back to you for verification via facsimile.

GSA E-Buy - Credit Card or Purchase order.  Your order will be reviewed for accuracy and any missing information or questions will be addressed via phone or e-mail. Upon acceptance, a formal order acknowledgment will be sent back to you for verification via facsimile.

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Does Executive Furniture of Wash, DC, Inc. accept Credit Cards?

YES.  We currently accept MasterCard and Visa.

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How do I arrange a delayed delivery date on an original order?

When placing the order, please note your special requirement directly on the order itself...and highlight if possible.  We have delayed delivery on some projects in the past as much as 2 years due to building delays, so this is not a problem.

The items will be placed in a hold file (will not be produced) with an "initial" tentative "start of production" date which is backed up based on production days needed, estimated shipping times and your required delivery date.  Prior to the start of production we will contact you to make sure those dates have not slipped as a final verification.

No additional charges will be added, as long as the items have not been placed into production (meaning we would have to physically store finished goods somewhere) and there has not been a formal price change during the time period.  Should a pricing change occur during this period, you will be notified by customer service and options will be discussed on how to handle...if necessary.


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What does ARO mean?

ARO is "After Receipt of Order".  Orders are formally acknowledged after we have received your order (via e-mail, facsimile, mail or verbally via phone) and our production time is determined by that date...unless requested / specified otherwise.

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When will my shipment of new furniture arrive?

An initial "estimated" delivery date will be specified on your order acknowledgment that will be sent to you shortly after your order has been placed.  This date is predicated on the date of receipt of the order and the production cycle of the individual item...whether that be a standard production item or a 10 day ship item.  One additional week is added as a general rule for shipping from our plant.  This initial estimated date will be fairly close to what will actually happen.  Should any inadvertent delay happen, you will be notified by customer service.

Should you need a firm delivery date...please note on the order and we will do everything possible to meet that requirement and notify you promptly if we foresee any problems.



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POC (Point of Contact)

We will request a POC (Point of Contact) and phone number if one is not listed on the order.  This will be required so the final delivery person can make proper notifications of delivery and make a delivery appointment if required and / or provide security clearance as needed.  Please provide an alternate contact as well, should the primary POC not be available.

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Things to do the day of installation...or prior.

1)  If you have a layout or have been provided a layout, tape one to the exterior door to make it easy for the installation crew to know exactly where you would like your items placed, should you not be physically present.  The units are heavy and the installers would like to properly place the pieces only once.  

2)  Clean the area thoroughly prior to arrival.  Again, most pieces are very heavy and this may be the last chance to clean the area...easily.

3)  Place electrical surge protectors in the areas (as needed) so the units may be placed properly and realignment for electrical requirements will not be needed.  

4)  Move any existing pieces that may be in the room out of the way if they block clear access of the area.  The installation crew will need a clear path to do their job properly.

5)  Please note that installation crews are not responsible for emptying old units, moving existing pieces or anything similar unless specified prior.  If you would like these services, we can provide them...just talk to customer service prior and we will provide a quote.  We staff the installation crew for the requirement, and as such, this may not be something we can add the day of the installation.

6)  Installers are required to...

Level all the units to the floor.

All drawers, doors etc. should be properly working

All locking mechanisms should work properly.

All packing materials should be removed and taken away by the installation crew.

7)  Upon completion of the installation, review each piece throughly for the above along with any damages, etc.  All discrepancies must be noted at the time of installation in writing, with the installer. A "punch list" sign-off sheet will accompany the installers.  If they do not provide you one initially - request from the supervisor on site.  Please keep one copy and forward a copy to us via e-mail immediately so we may start any necessary corrective actions.  Positive and negative comments on the installation crews are appreciated, as they help us with future needs.

8)  Generally two keys will be provided with each locking unit.  We highly suggest you keep one of these with a central person, should someone forget to bring their keys to work one day.  Additional keys and lock cores are available, please contact customer service should they be needed. 

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Cleaning and care of furniture

Avoid direct sunlight to furniture surfaces. Sunlight will cause the wood itself, underneath the
finish, to fade and change color.
Maintain a stable environment of humidity and temperature where the product is installed.
Because wood is a natural material subject to expansion and contraction, checking and warpage can develop in wood furniture subjected to extremes in humidity and dryness.
For proper operation, your furniture must be adjusted to level (see individual instructions attached with each unit for a detailed explanation).  Check the appearance of the unit and adjust the glides as necessary. The unit should be checked again after loading drawers, or if the furniture is moved.
Contact between finish and certain plastic and rubber compounds may result in discoloration and
finish damage. We recommend the use of felt pads under telephone, typewriter or business machine feet and desk accessories to protect the finish.  We also recommend the use of desk pads or glass to protect the luster of the finish.
Care should be used in the design of office lighting to avoid the appearance of an uneven finish due to the changing reflective light qualities of natural woods.  Only natural A-1 select grade veneers and wood materials are used in our products.  Natural woods produce subtle shades, tone variations, and grain contrasts which is the beauty of natural wood.
Your furniture should be dusted frequently using a clean, soft, dry, cloth, dusting with the direction of the wood grain.
Polish your furniture periodically; depending upon the amount of use the furniture receives.
For all wood surfaces on your furniture, we recommend a good liquid cleaning polish without
wax, silicone, or a petroleum oil-type base.  We recommend Guardsman® wax free furniture polish, which is available at many department and hardware stores. Most common household polishes do
not list the contents and may include ingredients not recommended for the cleaning of your furniture.
There are several reasons for this:
Most waxes will leave a build-up of wax film that will quickly detract from the natural beauty of
the wood. This film eventually has to be removed.
Product containing silicone will raise the sheen of the finish making any subsequent cleaning or
repairing difficult, or in some cases impossible. 
Most petroleum-based products are very slow drying and difficult to remove, and are therefore
dust catchers and finger printable.
Minor nicks and scratches can be repaired with touch-up crayons available from Customer
Service. For deep marks contact a professional wood refinisher.
Care of Laminate Surfaces
Clean only with mild soap and water to remove spots and fingerprints. Use water sparingly and
dry immediately. Do not use any polish or wax.
Care of Leather Surfaces
Dust only with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Do not use polish, wax, or liquid cleaner.
Care of Drawer Suspensions
Drawers operate on the highest quality ball-bearing suspensions available, requiring
very little maintenance. We recommend lubricating the ball-bearing track with a petroleum jelly
every six months.
Care of Drawer Interiors
Drawers are manufactured from kiln-dried hardwood that has been selected for its hardness, tightness of grain and resistance to splinters.  A highly durable varnish finish has been applied that is resistant to most markers and inks.  Water-based stains can be wiped out using a mild soap and water. Any household cleaner may be  used; however any petroleum-based or thinner-based cleaner should be avoided.
Drawer Removal
Since each unit is hand-built and each drawer hand-fitted, the drawers must be replaced to their
original positions in the pedestal to operate properly. Prior to drawer removal, it is essential that each drawer be labeled so that it can be returned to its original position.
Care of Hardware
We recommend using a window-type cleaner for all door and drawer pull hardware. Use care to
avoid contact with the wood finish. Avoid using any petroleum-based or thinner-based cleaner.

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Missing keys

Each unit is initially provided with two individual keys, keyed to the specific lock core.  Should they be initially missing or subsequently lost, please note the lock core number (which is located directly above the key insertion point) and contact customer service with this number.  In most cases this number will start with the letter "TA".  We will be glad to forward you a replacement (free in most cases), dependent upon the unit and the number of keys requested.

Should a unit be inadvertently locked and you need immediate access, please call customer service and we will attempt to walk you through some fairly simple procedures to open the unit if possible. 


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Broken hardware

Very infrequently, broken hardware occurs in brass hardware due to an inadvertent air bubble in the casting process.  

To obtain a replacement, please provide a digital picture of the unit - hardware location, the model number and the distance between the attaching holes.  With this we should be able to determine the proper hardware and send you out a replacement (at no charge) quickly.

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